Thursday, August 21, 2008

a positive attitude...

There are some people who are not a big fan of learning new things. Most are afraid of change or are too set on their ways where flexibility is not a word in their dictionary. Recently at work, I have been given the project of training "seasoned" employees to a new program initiative. As I receive my last minute instructions, I was given a caveat: the employees refused to learn and were determined to give me a hard time in training.

Great. Thanks.

So I had to strategize and create a preemptive strike. What is the best way to shield myself against weapons of mass negativity?

My plan was simple. I will kill their will to destroy with enthusiasm.

And I am not talking about textbook enthusiasm.
Enthusiasm to the "nth" degree. Superlative enthusiasm. A hyperbole version of enthusiasm.

So I walked in with a big smile plastered in the middle of my face (with the help of caffeine of course) and blasted the employees with overwhelming positive attitude. I answered all questions with a pleasant tone and shot down snide remarks with the phrase "What does the group think about that?"

At the end of the training, I have managed to sell my new training initiative to more than half of the employees. And all walked out with a better understanding of why it is a good thing.

It takes a lot more than aptitude to learn new things. Learning involves preparing the whole body to accept new ideologies with the help of a positive attitude and energy. A positive attitude is like a virus that unconsciously adapts to a person's mentality and allows it to open up.

I learned that people who do not like to learn new things or refuse to learn new programs are not out to make things hard for anyone but themselves.

My face still hurts from smiling....but it was worth the effort.


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